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5 Tips for Expecting Mothers: Day 2 Tip 2 |
Last week we talked about how important it is to keep active and try to watch your weight during pregnancy. Today I’ll talk about something related but in a different context. Healthy Diet. I grew up in a little bit of a different era than any new mother today would and the big thing I was worried about while pregnant was not smoking. Luckily it made me feel so sick that I actually quit forever while I was pregnant with Heather. It was a habit I needed to kick forever and while I have had a few weak moments over the years they didn’t last long enough to ever make me want to go back to being a smoker.

2. A healthy diet:

I told you last week of the complications I had with my first child and the need I found to stay active and watch my weight. But that wasn’t the whole story because there is one thing I loved more than anything during all of my pregnancies and that is cheese fries. Cover them in bacon and put some fried pickles on top and you have just made momma very happy!

But I can’t live on just cheese fries…. Although I want to!

We all know a healthy diet is necessary even while not pregnant. But for a pregnant woman, a healthy diet is something you have to work at and keep in mind. We all know the old mantra “eating for you, and the baby”, but Junk food during pregnancy just sounds and feels so right. Eating vegetables in your daily meals is a healthy thing. Add some fruits to your diet as well. Even if you don’t like veggies and fruits, just keep in mind that you have to stay healthy.

But my body lied to me

The truth is as it turns out, eating vegetables in your during meals is a healthy thing. Add some fruits in as well can go a long way. Even if you don’t like veggies and fruits, just keep in mind that you have to stay healthy.

So my point is not that you have to give up the cheese fries with bacon… and fried pickles, but just that you should really work hard to leave some room for something nutritious. If you really want to have a balanced diet, you should definitely consult a doctor or nutritionist.

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