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BabySono 4d 12MHz Ultrasound for Home Use – LifeView Scanner |

BabySono 4d 12MHz Ultrasound for Home Use – LifeView Scanner

$2,995.00 $2,599.00

  • 4d provides amazing image quality see what your baby will really look like
  • Works with iOS (Android and PC coming soon)*
  • Rechargeable serviceable battery
  • Lightweight design
  • Save, send, and print images!
  • Secure Checkout
  • Alternate purchase options with eBay and Amazon!


What is the Babylon 4d 12MHz LifeView Scanner?

Whether you are a first-time mother awaiting the birth of the child or you have done this many times before, you probably know that, while nothing can quite compare to the thrill of seeing your baby on an ultrasound, traditional ultrasounds have their issues. You can only have so many people in the room, and the procedure itself is expensive. However, there is an alternative option that allows you to see your baby n the comfort of your own home.

An Alternative to Traditional Ultrasound

This alternative option is the ultra-convenient, modern Babylon LifeView Scanner. This small, handheld device works in conjunction with your iPhone or Android to show you your baby in real time. State-of-the-art 4D visualization gives you unparalleled views, and you also have the ability to print images, save them, or send them to loved ones. This device offers you the opportunity to pay the one-time purchase cost instead of paying money for multiple traditional ultrasound sonograph readings, and you do not even have to schedule a doctor’s appointment to use it.

So Easy a Baby Could…

The LifeView scanner has a rechargeable battery, so battery replacement cost is not an issue. While you need to provide your own visualization screen, the scanner is compatible with most smartphones, allowing you to use the phone screens a visualizer. You also may connect your phone to a larger screen for group viewing. In order to use the scanner, you must also download the BabySono app, which has been developed in conjunction with the scanner.

Save Money

If you are ready to save money on traditional copays, show your baby to as many people as you like, and enjoy state-of-the-art obstetrics imagery without having to leave your home, then this scanner may be a good choice for you. This ultra convenient technology can help simplify one of the biggest hassles of being an expectant mother, and the best part is that you can see your baby whenever you like. With its ability to save and send top-quality pictures, you can start saving baby pictures from your personal sonograph machine before your little one has even been born.

Technical Specs:

  • Electronic array scanning
  • Frequency: 12 MHz(linear array)
  • Depth: 100–200mm, Adjustable
  • Field of view: 80 degree
  • Screen: Smartphone or tablet screen
  • Apple (Android, Windows system version coming soon)
  • Frame rate: 12 f/s
  • Image gray scale: 256
  • Designed for obstetrics
  • Power: built-in battery Serviceable rechargeable battery
  • Power consumption: 10W (video mode) /4W (still image mode)
  • Battery Duration: 3 hours
  • Size: 156mm×60mm×24mm (About like an iPhone Plus)
  • Weight: 308 gram (About as much as a small book or 2 bananas)

*You must provide the device you wish to view on. You must also download the app.


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